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Robert Nasdor fights for people who are experiencing discrimination in their job search or in the workplace.  Recognizing that job seekers are rarely given any reason, much less a truthful reason, why they are not hired, the Center has developed an innovative approach to obtaining evidence that an employer is engaging in discriminatory hiring practices.  

Robert Nasdor is able to use this evidence to support claims of discriminatory treatment filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and in Superior Court.  The Center provides legal representation to those experiencing discrimination in their job search or in the workplace on the basis of their protected status.  The Center focuses Its practice on age discrimination claims by job seekers.

Robert Nasdor is a life long advocate for the rights of those disadvantaged by their economic circumstances, their disability, or their status.  He has led programs providing legal services to the poor, practiced housing and employment law, and has represented clients at both the trial and appellate levels. A tenacious advocate for his clients and causes, he brings a fresh approach to his cases and a willingness to take on difficult and challenging issues.  He is formerly the Executive Director of Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts where he directed a civil legal services program providing legal representation to more that 3000 clients annually. He also has experience working at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, in private practice, and with non-profit groups advocating for the rights of homeless individuals and families.   He earned his law degree from Rutgers University in 1992 an is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

The information provided on this website is not legal advice. Robert Nasdor has provided this general information to you to help you understand the law.  You should immediately contact the Law Office of Robert A. Nasdor or another attorney if you suspect that your rights have been violated. An attorney can help you decide whether to file a claim and advise you about the deadline for doing so.  By providing you with this information, the Robert Nasdor is not acting as your lawyer.