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Robert Nasdor is a Massachusetts attorney who fights job seekers  and employees who have experienced discrimination in the workplace.


Discrimination on the basis of your characteristics, such as your age, race, gender or national origin, is unlawful. The Law office of Robert A.Nasdor provides legal advice, investigates discrimination complaints and provides legal representation in order to end job discrimination.

Because job discrimination isn't Just Business.

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Preventing Unemployment Discrimination  

Recent news reports about the difficulty that unemployed workers have in finding work come as no surprise.  Some job advertisements openly state that unemployed individuals will not be considered for employment.  The refusal to consider unemployed job applicants has profound social and economic consequence as countless experienced workers are effectively excluded from the job market or are lucky to find jobs at half their prior pay.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has identified this problem as an issue of concern, and federal and state legislation has been introduced to prohibit discrimination against unemployed individuals.

While it can be argued that discrimination against unemployed job applicants has a disparate impact on certain protected groups such as older workers or racial minorities who are experiencing higher levels of unemployment, such arguments are tenuous and the prospects for legislation to expand our civil rights laws to protect unemployed workers from discrimination are dim.

Ultimately, we need a more proactive approach to protect workers from unemployment in the first place.  In the housing area, tenants in some states such as New Jersey are protected from eviction without good cause.  Given that the consequences of unemployment can be just as severe as the consequence of eviction, workers deserve greater protection in order to preserve their employment in the first place.

Because job discrimination isn't
Just Business

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